Hello Upstream!


Upstreamable is conceived as an initiative to release free software under a common umbrella that is not some name and surname in way that is more inclusive for those who want to contribute to it.
I have seen people regretting the decision of releasing software under their own name for sustainability and long term planning reasons so I prefer to start doing it right from the beginning.

Right now it will be me (Rodrigo Aguilera) writing but since this blog is under a name that is not my own anything can happen.

The main topics are going to be about Drupal and surrounding technologies like PHP. Free software also going to be discussed.

Comments are not enabled but if you want to leave some feedback you can use the contact form.

The main goals of this blog are going to be about improving my writing skills and giving more visibility to what I learn and do. As a side effect it will probably serve as some kind of knowledge base/documentation for the software involved (but remember that documentation should be contributed upstream 😉)
If you want to learn along with me you can subscribe using RSS. (What is RSS?)

Photo by Riz Mooney on Unsplash